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Get your tools ready

Infusionsoft – Shopping cart, Email Automation, Pure awesomeness!  Self Hosted Website CMS

BlueHost – Domain Hosting for our wordpress site

Optimize press – WordPress Theme (W Free Membership Plugin)

Pretty Links – create custom links for all your urls (every link in this infographic is a pretty link)

Leadpages – Opt In Pages

Aweber – My first email service provider

 Video Business Builder – Online course that will teach you to ideate, script, shoot and edit video in less than an hour so you can reach out and connect with your audience at the Core Level.

Facebook Ads Ultimate Blueprint – I’ve sold more than $1,500,000 through Facebook Ads in the last 2 years. In this training I show you how.

The Video Above Contains The Following:

Know your blue ocean audience

How to begin with the perfect client in mind.

3 Parts To Building An Effective Email List

Part 1: Getting people to give you their email address

Part 2: Making sure people stay on your email list.  You’ve got to train people to open your emails by filling your emails with incredible value.

Part 3: Lose Emails – You want people to opt out.  People that opt out aren’t your buyers.  If your adding value

Monetize Quickly

Monitizing your effort quickly is counter cultural these days.  I'm going to tell you why you need to do it and why the highway of broken dreams is littered with people who try to build and audience to sell to instead of selling to build and audience.

3 Reasons To Monitize Your Online Platform Quickly

1 Validation: You won’t know if you’re building the right list until they start buying something from you.  Let me tell you it sucks to build a list of people that take all your free content and then complain about you selling something.

Social Selling is a crap shoot!

Hey we use social media and SEO like everyone else, but until you can spend a $1 to get a client you don’t have sustainable business model.  If you’re going to spend money to get email addresses you need to have a logical plan to get it back.

2 Going Pro: Real Businesses Sell Stuff

If you’re working your butt off to add value to other people and not getting paid for it you’re letting them steal from you…….and your letting them steal from your family.

3 Return On Investment: Life Change Happens When People Make And Investment

Free stuff is great, but you don't get a return on an investment you don't make.  Challenge your tribe to get into the game and put some dough on the line or all you'll be to them is a passing fad that doesn't add real value.

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