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[content_toggle style=”1″ label=”Transcript” hide_label=”Hide”][00:00:00] The RIP show where it's all about building revolutionary information Ronak so you can work smarter and scale your business faster and now your host. Richard Chancey.

[00:00:11] Welcome to session number seven of the Ripp show. I am so excited that you're here with me today. One of the key metrics for success in podcasting is just to get through the seventh session and what that means is you've got all the systems in the process set up and you're ready to kind of move forward with that. So I'm pretty dang excited about this today and I'm glad that you're here with me. Now if you're coming in and this is your first time listening to me you got to know this about where we're at right now in the process. Season one is all about everything. I feel like you need to know to be able to ideate create and launch your own information product. And so what we're talking through are some of the specifics about how you do that particularly right now we're in the middle of what's going to wind up being six or seven sessions just on this idea called the perfect customer lifecycle. And today we're going to jump into the second part of that or the second step in the customer perfect customer lifecycle which is capturing leads. So if you are just joining us for the first time you might want to go back to session number six and start there or you can start at session number one. But this particular segment is going to be six or seven sessions on the perfect customer lifecycle. Now let me tell you what the perfect customer lifecycle is at seven stages and it starts with the track traffic which we talked about last week. Today we're going to talk about capturing leads.

[00:01:30] The third stage in the process is nurture prospects. What happens to the people that don't buy from you right away. Number four is converting sales in that session we're going to talk a lot about how you convert sales how you get people into your sales environments whether that's e-mail sequences sales pages webinars However you're converting we're going to talk about calls to action and how to create compelling calls to action and put people into those environments in the next session after that we're going to talk about deliverin satisfy what needs to happen after the fact after you so your prospects of selling We're going to talk about the need for a fast forward process in your digital products a lot of people are going to want to buy and pay monthly. I'm going to talk to you in that session about how important it is early on to add your upswell process and then the last thing is get referrals. Now for a lot of you I know that your business lives and dies on referrals so we're going to talk about how to put referrals into your sequencing in an automated way to just pepper people with pepper. People that are prospects pepper pepper people that are customers that's a lot of peppering I know. But the bottom line is this. We want to add that in and make it an automated process especially if you're doing business online because the easiest thing to do is just completely forget about asking people to refer their friends to your web or or to your product because we just don't think about it.

[00:02:49] We want to add that in an automated way we're going to talk about that a few sessions from now. Now this may be overwhelming to some of you and I know most of you are moving around you're either working out your own grass or running down the road headed to work whatever it is and so I'm throwing a lot of information at you and that's why I created this free membership site Richard Chancey dot com forward slash register. There's a link to that in the show notes below and if you go for that after you register. Type in the word perfect. There's a six minute video on the perfect customer lifecycle from one of the executives at Infusionsoft that really gives a great synopsis of this content that we're talking about. And the other thing on that page is in an Excel document that I created that will walk you step by step through this process so if you're in the early stages of building your product or you've had a product for a while this is going to be a really good document for you to walk through. It's actually the document that I use when I go out not consult with organizations about how to improve their automated sales processes in their organizations whether they're selling online or not. OK so with that being said today we're going to dob into capturing leads so you can't just run traffic to your Web site. That is kind of the old way of doing things if you run traffic to the main page your site and you've got to subscribe button there. That is so old school and you cannot underestimate how bad people don't want another e-mail in their inbox. OK.

[00:04:12] So the common problem see is that most people think if we just drop that traffic to the site people will find their way to our offers they won't. As individuals we're pretty smart as groups we're idiots and we've got to act accordingly as we're putting our offers and putting our opportunities out in front of people. You have to have a very clear path in your mind. If it's not clear in your mind I'll promise you it's going to be really foggy to your audience and if you make it hard to take action people simply won't. Now the other thing you need to consider is you must learn to think about levels of influence and calls to action and here's what I mean by that. If you're a guy you don't ask a woman to marry you on the first date. You know you hear stories from time to time about how that works and people have been married thirty years. And once in a blue moon it will work. But the reality is you've got to develop influence before you ask for that call to action. That second date that hand in marriage women you don't talk about having a baby on the first date and start naming your kids. OK we've got to build influence before we start heading down that that route. And here's how that is relevant to this conversation. If you're going to ask somebody for their e-mail address you better have something of much greater value that you're offering to them. OK. So number one is you want to make your offers irresistible selling this whole process of selling and getting people to move through your sales funnel.

[00:05:35] It isn't just about that one event of getting people to actually spend some money with you. You're actually selling them on every step of the process. You're selling them on the idea of visiting your site of clicking through that ad that you put out there visiting your site. Of opting in for your e-mail list of clicking through on a web in our invitation of signing up for that web or of attending that web or you see every one of these steps requires a level of influence and in return for that influence you're getting a view and to get them to go to the next level of Influence you've got to create even more value and put it in there too many times I think we look at the sales process as a single event when in reality it's a series of events that lead to more influence and deeper connection interaction with people. So I'm going to run down some ways that you can use to capture leads and I'll dive in and talk about the way we've done these and what has been really effective and then what hasn't worked so well so ways to capture really the first thing we can do is we can create an e-book. Now we've got a few e-books that we put out there. I should tell you this in advance we did not set out to create e-books. We actually took content that we had from webinars and gave it to an editor and let the editor in a graphic design person create our ebook off the back of the web. Now the reason we did that is because I'm just not a writer.

[00:06:51] I wrote a blog post for years related to church construction and I know that a lot of you were saying man where do I find that blog. Well it's still out there and I am kidding because that is about as dry subject as you can get. But for people that are looking to build a church there really wasn't a voice out there so what happened was we would I would write a blog post every week and we generate leads from it. I digress there let me say this. I am just not a writer. I found the process of blogging consistently to be really difficult for me. I'm much better at spoken word or being on video that's just I enjoy it a lot more I like the creativity of it a lot more. And so now when we create content we usually start with a video or e-books came out of those videos we just took the transcripts handed to us to an editor and let them have at it. Now we'll tell you this. E-books get a radically different opt in rate for us than just webinars and that we've got 60 to 70 percent opt in rate on some of our e-books. We've got one we've got a Web called the six things passer's due to kill church growth. We turn that web into an ebook and that the web gets about a 15 percent opt in write the ebook gets about a 60 percent opt in rate. So if you're just looking to build your email list you don't really know where you're going right now with your digital product.

[00:08:07] But you know that you've got a market that you're going to camp out in an e-book is a great way to go. The second thing I wrote down here was white papers. Now what does the white paper in my mind. White Paper is just an e-book that doesn't have the graphic design in it. But if you're in a very specific industry you may have some industry knowledge or information or statistics that would be hugely valuable to people and maybe you don't need to go through the process of turning that into a sexy looking e-book. OK you can just do the white papers which is basically a PDA that people can download right from the site. We have a lot of that content on Amazon Amazon AWOS which is Amazon has a lot of services on the back and you may or may not know this but Amazon actually is the guts of a lot of different online businesses and we use Amazon as S-3 to house any of our content like that. That's not in one of our membership sites so it's a good place to put it. What happens is you can upload to Amazon AWOS and it'll give you a link and then you can just put that link in your delivery email so after people opt in for your white paper you'd send them that link. I'll tell you this none of these email service providers that I ever talked about on here are going to want you to put an attachment in their email because if you send 60000 of those you just created 60000 attachments whereas the link just links right to that thing.

[00:09:26] The next thing is infographics I've talked about this a little bit so far in the season but infographics are going to get a super high opt in rate in fact we don't have anything that gets a better opt in rate than our epigraphic And I think I said this before but what we did with an info graphic as we went out and we took all of the tools that we mentioned are we talk about in any of our trainings and we put them into one document there just happened to be 62 of them and we called it 62 free and cheap Church Growth resources. OK. There is a method to the madness of how we name that by the way because free resources and Free Church Growth resources those are kind of hot topics in that church space. And we wanted to make sure that the name was compelling enough to get them to take action. And its worked and we spent about $150. I think we found the graphic designer on five or dotcom. We spent about $150 for that person to turn all of those links into an info graphic in it it looks beautiful. Ive got to be honest with you and every one of the links is clickable some of them are affiliate links most of them aren't. It was just a great group of resources that we give those people now will tell you this when somebody downloads and info graphic. We have not put them anywhere close to our sales environment. Same thing with an e-book. A lot of time so what we'll do a lot of times is we'll give away the info graphic and then try to on the page after they opt in for an ebook or an info graphic or white papers.

[00:10:46] We'll send them to a thank you page that says hey check your email in five minutes for the download. While I've got you let me talk to you about a training that we're about to do and we'll go ahead make an offer for one of our trainings there which you know if you listen to any of this I love webinars I love the idea of being able to add a ton of value to people in a short period of time 45 minutes or an hour and then put an offer in front of them after you've kind of built some of that emotional equity that I talked about earlier. OK. So in for great graphics are a great way to go but don't just put the info graphic out there and let it ride and then think you're going to sell people lighter in fact in the next session. I'm going to talk about nurturing prospects and we'll dive deeper into some of the strategy about when you capture a lead what has to happen next. I've already written the show notes for that too. I'm getting ahead. Kids I'm so excited about that I'm actually going to shoot a couple of different podcasts today just so I can get ready for the summer season and all the vacation that I'm going to take on demand videos or the next one to catch really. So I'm not a huge fan of just putting content out there in front of people unless you put it in a specific way especially with video. You're not going to get people to attend a 45 minute or an hour Webvan or on demand most of the time.

[00:11:56] So you're going to do a lot of work to create the web or if you just make it where people can click on Facebook add Opt-In and then view your content you're going to have a very very low rate of people that make it to the end of that web or say you've got to have a strategy if you're going to do on demand video. Most of the time when we do on demand video what we do is we will take our web that was an hour we'll chop it up into six segments we usually do either six or seven bullet points will chop it up into individual bullet points and we'll name that video just something specific to do with that and then we'll put that video out there we may even run an ad directly to that video that gets them to opt in for the rest of the training the on demand video can be really satisfying to the person that's giving you their email address. But you've got to get enough emotional equity in that moment to be able to put an offer in front of them with us. Our premier product is twenty four hundred dollars. Nobody's going to watch a six minute video and then be ready to opt in for our $2400 program. So we've got to make sure that we have our a nurture process in place if we're going to use the On Demand strategy which we do. We do that a lot. And another great thing about on demand video is we will transcribe that video so if we've got a 60 minute Webvan or we cut it into six pieces we'll transcribe the video and we'll put that transcription on a page on our site.

[00:13:14] Now notice I said a page there if you don't know the difference between a page and a post a post on your Web site is in your blog roll. It's going to show up in that blog roll. We don't want to send people to the blog. There's a whole funnel theory about Web sites as well. I don't like to send people backwards on my web site. So instead of creating a post for these on the media demand videos we'll create a page in that pages about one thing SCEA driving organic traffic to that site with the transcript and have the transcript optimized for the show so that we're getting traffic to that. That way we're getting organic traffic to that page and from that page we're trying to send them to a web or that's going to put them right into our sales environment. I hope that makes sense. So you've got to have a strategy in place if you're going to use these because otherwise you're just driving traffic for the sake of driving traffic and you've got to find a way some way or to generate a lead from that traffic. The next thing the next one to capture leads is with an e-mail sequence. I've said this before. One of the best email sequences that I've seen was from a site called copy blogger They had a 20 email sequence I don't know if they do it anymore.

[00:14:19] I should look before I got on here but you could sign up for a 20 e-mail sequence that was basically like a mini course for how to write copy on your blog I signed up for it five or six years ago and they drip out 20 e-mail sequence over 20 weeks now in the business that we've been in the church business. We've not done that it didn't make a lot of sense because I felt like it was moving us farther away from putting people into that sales environment. What it's great for his nurturing prospects which is you know keeping people engaged over a 20 week period is huge. By that time there is a ton of emotional change in the bank account of the person that signed up for it. It's absolutely something that you should consider when you're trying to convert leads. Really important with any of these spaces with this. You've got to describe the value well you've got to sell the e-mail sequence really well because in my mind adding people to an e-mail sequence you've got an uphill battle. OK they're not getting something that's going to be immediate. They may get the first e-mail immediately but the other thing is you're adding more more noise into a very noisy space which is their inbox if the promise is just an email. I'm just challenged by the thought of getting another e-mail in my inbox and if you're like I am what I do when those things are available and I really want to get them as I sign up for them and then set a calendar appointment for 20 weeks out so that I can go back and look at every one of them at the same time which means they don't. That's not exactly what they're trying to achieve.

[00:15:43] They're trying to chip away at this influence with me but in reality I'm only going to look at it once and I'm going to scrape through it really quickly. At some point in the future and you'll be like that too. Not that everybody is like you and I but the bottom line is you have to think about how people are practically moving through life. And there's something better about being able to gauge people with video in something that's outside of their inbox. Enough said on that. I'm not trying to move you away from that if you've got a great idea for doing an e-mail sequence jump on it. I'm just throwing ideas in here are done for you solution is another great lead magnet. OK and that's what we're talking about is building lead magnets that are going to generate leads for you. So done for you solutions might be an example one of the best ones that I've seen in the church industry was a series of giving talks in fact one of the partners that we partner with has written 52 giving talks that they give away to churches. Now that's a big deal because a lot of times pastors they run out of stuff to say from stage or they just don't know what to say and it's not very strategic. This is a strategic map for a whole year's worth of giving talks that last anywhere from about a minute to two minutes. Hugely valuable to them. A great lead magnet for them and for us the next thing done for you solution might be cold calling emails if you're selling into the sales world.

[00:16:56] If you're an author or a speaker and you sell into that world and you're trying to generate leads one of the best things you might be able to do is to put out a series of eight or 10 cold calling emails. Here's here's one a co-called email should look like your tap dance on a nerve. If you do that because people that cold call for a live in which I built a $30 million book at Smith Barney cold call and smiling and dialin people that cold call for a live with love with love love love to have a series of cold calling emails that they could use in tandem maybe with their cold calling but if they had a strategy that was effective for sending a one off email to somebody to generate interest in a phone conversation I'll guarantee you people would download that. That cold call for a living. Another one is follow up e-mails any kind of follow up e-mail to customers or prospects when you're selling something or after you got a lead from the list like one of the things we're adding into our web. Our training is the whole email sequencing not just the follow up but the whole email sequencing Here's what imitation sequel looks looks like. Here's what reminders look like conformations like in the follow up email. And we're building a strategy around all of that content and it will be one of the bonuses that we give away in that training. But you could just as easily take something like that and make it a lead magnet. Wemen are templates one of the big things for us going forward is going to have training on how to build effective webinars.

[00:18:16] Well one of the ways that we could drop people and really figure out who's interested in that is to give away a series of webinars templates and when I say templates most of that has to do and focus around how do you present an offer on a weapon or. And then back into building your web in or around that offer. And we can create templates for that that anybody could use in any industry and that would be a great done for you solution. It's not all the way done. None of these are when I say done for you solution as a lead magnet you're getting people 80 percent of the way there you're getting bought into the idea and giving them the framework and then they're just going in and tweaking it for their particular office or industry sales pace templates the same thing a lot of people really struggle with sitting down and writing good effective sales mates templates that are going to get people to take action. We could easily put together a template that would show people here's what you need to say this is what the part that needs to happen in this segment if you're going to do a video where that goes here's your guarantee's. These are the buttons you need on there and this is your call to action that would be a really easy thing for us to do in fact we could we could sell a template that they could just install on their site and then go in and tweak it and they would be there. That would be a great lead magnet to put out in the world survey information is another one.

[00:19:31] One of the organizations that I worked for did physician recruiting for hospitals and every year they would do this really intensive survey and everybody wanted it. Everybody in that industry wanted it and that was what they were using as their lead magnet we didn't even call them lead magnets back then. But every every hospital organization every doctor in the country wanted their hands on this data. There's just so much patient data and Doctor data hospital data. Everybody wanted it and so they would sign up and they would stay on our list just to get that survey to make sure that they didn't miss it. You can do surveys too. You could go out and author a professional survey like that and have it done and using the scientific method. Or you can do your own survey which says hey we're taking information on x y and z data. If you fill out the survey we'll provide you with the results today. And that stuff's easy to do with platforms like form stack dot com. You can create your own survey push it out into your marketplace push it out to Facebook and get people to take three or four minute survey and then they get to see how other people scored that survey which is a really compelling thing of seeing that work really well in different industries. And then the last thing is a lead MCAS magnet is webinars. Now if you if you're paying close attention you'll notice that we've talked about webinars in a couple of different places. I'm going to talk about webinars not just for lead capture but also in the nurture process.

[00:20:54] And then in capturing sales and then it doesn't take a rocket scientist scientists to figure out our product is actually a series of webinars and many webinars. So when you're in this world of information products a lot of what you're going to do is revolves around Vidia head shot video screen capture video teaching and training philosophy and technology using video so webinars or a variation of webinars fit neatly into several different sections of this process so here's what you need to hear me same from that you're going to have to develop the skill of ideating creating shooting editing and launching video at some point if you're going to head down this path of information products. So the sooner you can get started on that the better we actually have a product on our site right now called Video business builder where I show you how I set up my studio in that video I'll show you how to ideate create edit and launch your videos online. So maybe worth checking out I'll put a link to that in the show notes as well. OK. And then the last thing I want to tell you that's just some ideas about how you might do that. There are a million different ways that you can generate leads right but you have to give people something of value. There's no longer the day where you can just go Hey subscribe to my blog post or subscribe to my podcast and think that that naturally means that people are going to give you their email address and want to start this kind of influence relationship with you.

[00:22:16] Now the other really cool thing that you can do after you get a couple of these things working is you can combine your lead magnets and what we're seeing is when we can we do a combination of giveaways that are our lead acquisition calls goes down in fact we've got an ad running right now on Facebook in the church world where we combined three different products or all first in there and it's driven our lead cost down to about half where we usually average about $3 and 50 cents to get web in our registration and right now we're we're getting about a dollar 80 per lead and a significant number of those are actually often in for webinars. And let me walk you through how that works I've talked about the 1:54 free and cheap infographics so far so what I did was we're running a video ad on Facebook and so a paid ad on Facebook with the 1:54 free and cheap info graphic as the lead. In fact I put some video on their drone video of a church at the first part of the video just so people passers will look and go oh this is about churches and then we all say always say something to the effect of attention passer's in the text above the video just just so you know as a point of clarification. So the sixty two free and cheap infographics is the main offer. And then I go in and I talk to him about. You'll also get broken church six lies that kill Church Growth web or an opportunity to opt in for that as well and if you opt in for the web or you're going to get a four part sermon series called is this the end and it has sermon notes and video so we're offering three things the infographics the free web an hour and a free for part sermon series called.

[00:23:48] Is this the end and if you don't know this for pastors sermon series like that are really valuable they can use it to kind of frame how they're going to go forward in this case we're actually giving them notes for it as well as video of the pastor that I partner with preaching the stuff that stuff like crack for pastors and it's hugely valuable it cuts the learning curve and the time down to sort of a them by about 60 or 70 percent so that's usually valuable and it's important that you know what's really valuable to your crowd. How are you going to create a shortcut for them create a a know how for that's going to make it where the use of time that they put on your thing is going to shorten something else that they're doing by 70 80 or 90 percent.

[00:24:29] That's really important as you're thinking about it. And then the last thing I wanted to tell you just about capturing leads is always retarget your list. I will hammer this until the cows come home all the way through all of these trainings. Sooner or later you're going to have to use one of these paid platforms whether it's Google Facebook or you're going to do blast marketing whatever you are going to do. Don't do that stuff without learning how to retarget your audience. Our primary method of marketing has always been Facebook. I decided that I was going to figure out how to sell one thing using one platform. Facebook with that platform in retargeting basically means if somebody comes to any one of these pages that we've missed that we've mentioned if you're driving people to a web or you're driving people to a survey or an e-mail sequence opt in page you want to have Facebook's pixel or Google's pixel on that page so that you can retarget those people. OK. And you can create an audience just for people that visited that page but didn't make it to the thank you page. You can create another audience for people that made it to the thank you page but never made it to the opt in for one of your webinars and so on you can create a funnel inside of Facebook. Now are you going to wake up tomorrow and have that done. Absolutely not.

[00:25:38] All I'm trying to teach you right here is to have retargeting as part of your strategy and don't put it years out into the future because these people that have visited your Opt-In pages these people that have opted in. So even if you have an email address you still want to be retargeting on Facebook because that's not their inbox. There's not as much noise for what you're doing over on Facebook as there is in their inbox. So have a targeting strategy for all of your lead magnets. I put in my notes here. Cookies are the new e-mail address when they visit your site and you've got to Facebook pickle pixel on that page. They're going it's going to pixel their their machine and it'll go as far out as 180 days. So if they don't clear the cache on their computer you can. You can offer them ads on Facebook for 180 days. Now just so you know there's 1.2 billion unique visitors to Facebook every day. I'm going to how that's possible. That's a seventh of the world's population that is visiting Facebook every day. So if you think that people aren't on Facebook let me tell you my friend you're wrong. OK.

[00:26:40] I told you before some of this is going to be overwhelming. There is a lot of information here especially when we're breaking this down into seven individual sessions so map out your plan and if you need help doing that go to Richard s.c dot com forward slash register and then search for map or perfect and you will find the perfect customer lifecycle training as well as the Excel document you can download and start kind of mapping out your map a map stands for. Marketing automation plan by the way that's what's called map not just because it's a map that's going to show you where you're going but it's always good to start with a map to try to figure out where you're going. Now I'm going to move into the last segment of this which is talking about something I'm learning I promise you that I'm not just going to come in and tell you what I know that I'll tell you what I'm learning right now in this segment I'm going to talk about this is a really important thing and it's so important especially as you're starting this process whether you've been in your business for a while or you're just thinking about getting started in this online business slash information marketing world no matter where you are.

[00:27:42] It's so important that you have lead goals and goals. OK so let me explain what that is. A lag goal is I want to be 200 pounds by you know June 30th that would be a lag. A lead goal is I'm going to put in everything that I eat I'm going to eat going to eat 17:00 calories day whatever it is. The lead goal is the thing that you can control the last go is a product of all the things that you can control. Many times you'll have several lead goals that Dr alag goal. So one of my lead goals right now is to put out one podcast per week. OK so the big thing that we're working on right now in my business is in 2017. We want to help 50 people launch their information product business this year. OK. I'm kind of I'm kind of prae putting that information out there to you because we're not ready to start taking applications for that yet. But when we are you'll go to Richard s.c non-comp Wortzel. Ask me and just put in your information and tell us why you think you'll be a good fit for that. You could do that now if you wanted. And I only say that because I'm going to mention this in the context of lead versus lag goes right now. But the lead go is to drive that 50 people launch is we've got to get our e-mail list to 1000 people which is another lag go. OK so I've got a lag goal of helping 50 people launch their business.

[00:29:01] I've got a goal of generating a thousand e-mails before we start launching these products and services and we've got a goal set for doing that in 30 days that 30 days hasn't started yet by the way that the lead goals to those goals would be the lead goal for the last goal of a thousand emails would be put out one podcast per week. OK. Another league goal was would be generated a lead magnet that we can make an offer on Facebook for and spend five thousand dollars on it whatever we need to spend. In fact I think we could spend about twenty five hundred dollars and get a thousand people with Facebook as maybe a little bit more than that. But you see with the digression is the league goals are important they're not just important because those are the things that you can wake up and do they're important because you want to celebrate your league goals as much or more than you do your life goals. It's great to hit your goals but in reality I can't really impact how many people opt in today. The only thing I can impact is what I do to get people to opt in. I hope that makes sense. And the reason I'm telling you to celebrate is because when you start this journey it's going to feel like nothing is working and it's so important that you know and you're taking your best guess at what the smartest thing to do is and you're waking up everything every day and you're doing that Smartest thing. OK.

[00:30:16] And you're celebrating the fact that you're disciplined enough to get up and do the right thing even when the last goal doesn't look like it's happening even when it doesn't look like you're generating leads for your list. Even when it doesn't look like anybody wants to be part of your list of people that want to start an online business is so important that we have those things for me. I have really my coaches helping me with this really think through what are the things that I need to be celebrating day in and day out and make sure I don't skip over the celebration part. We've done a massive amount of work to get this podcast up and running. We're doing a massive amount of work to create and launch these new products and all of that's happening. But we're not making sales yet because we haven't put this stuff out in the world and it would be really easy to get frustrated or down and go Man I really felt like we'd be making more progress by now and we're not doing that because we're celebrating the goal versus the last goal because the bottom line is this you will reap what you sow. If you put in the work you're going to get smarter every day and getting smarter every day means. Even at the stuff that you're working on right now is not super effective just by working on it. You're going to get more effective and find things that will work. So it's so important that you put your foot on the gas pedal and get going. Will everything you are trying to work. No. Hopefully some of the stuff works really early on it will help you create momentum.

[00:31:37] But I can tell you this for a fact we've done webinars where we spent six or eight weeks to put a women on together and launched it and it just was a huge dud. And that's like getting kicked right in the throat if that happens to you. Let me just tell this. Give yourself 24 hours soak a little bit then put on your big boy pants and get back to work. OK. That's the difference between people that don't make it in this business. And people that do. OK.

[00:32:00] Speaking of the things that make the difference in this business on the next session I'm going to walk through the third stage of the perfect customer life cycle which is all about nurturing prospects the people that are really winning in this business are not the people that are making the one time sale and they're driving people to a sales page and they're buying a $50 or $100 thousand dollar product that day. Those are not the people that are winning in this business. The people that are winning in this business are the people that can nurture the people that don't buy today into a sale. Over the next month three months six months a year two years three years. Those are the people that learn how to win in this business. You're paying to put people on your list to generate leads. It makes sense to try to sell more than just the few that buy on day one. In fact 95 percent of the people that sign up for your list weewee Ninety five percent of the people that sign up for one of our webinars don't buy from us right away. So we have to have a process to follow up with those people continue to advise them and then ultimately close sales with them and that's it. I hope to see you in the next episode. I will catch you in the next session. Thanks so much for being with me today. I hope this makes a lot of sense if you have questions. Richard s.c dot com slash ask me ask your questions we'll do our dead level best to find the answers to them.

[00:33:13] Thanks a lot. I'll catch in the next session.

[00:33:17] Thanks for being with us on the show don't forget to subscribe to the podcast and remember to register for the free premium content mentioned in this session at the show dot com slash register. Thanks for listening to the RIP show. We'll catch you next time



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